Plan Your Visit

We are incredibly excited that you’re thinking about visiting!
In anticipation of your arrival we’ve tried to answer some questions in advance!

When does the church meet?

We meet Sundays at 9 AM for coffee, Unite Life Groups and prayer, 10 AM for Worship and the Word.

We meet Wednesdays at 7PM for Bible Study, Youth and Young Adults.

What should I do if I am new?

If you’re visiting Gateway Church for the first time we promise not to embarrass you! We understand your desire to be “anonymous” during your first visit.

We invite you to visit our Guest Reception desk. You will receive a FREE GIFT as our way of saying “Thanks for being with us!”

We will also be available to answer your questions and help you fill out a VIP card so we can stay in touch (without annoying you with a box full of emails!)


What is the Church experience like?

Well, every service is different!….

That being said you will hear dynamic music, relevant preaching and you will meet some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Our services usually last about an hour and a half, and don’t worry, boredom will not be an issue!

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear whatever you would normally wear.

We’re more interested in getting to know you than what you’re wearing.

At Gateway Church you will not see one particular style of clothing!

Am I expected to give money?

We do allow those who call Gateway Church ‘home’ the opportunity to give their tithes and offerings during our church services. However there is no ‘expectation’ on any of our guests to give… In fact, we design every Experience to be our ‘gift’ to YOU! We believe that all our giving is in response to God and part of worship. It is important to us that our guests do not feel pressured to give financially.

What about my kids?

Glad you asked!
At Gateway Church children are a big priority. On Sundays we have three different environments:

Nursery - (birth – 1 year old)
Spark - (2 years – Kindergarten)
Ignite - ( 1st – 5th grade)

When you and your children arrive you will be directed to to one of our three children’s check-in station. We will receive the appropriate information regarding your children. As a security measure you and your child will be given a matching bracelet with a security code. Make sure to keep this bracelet with you!